Elevate is a candy company proud to offer a wide range of cannabis infused edibles.  Small and discrete packaging. Have a busy day? No time to medicate? Pop a tin of these in your pocket and head out for the day. Convenient, discreet and so tasty with flavours that elevate the taste buds. Each candy is enriched with 5 mg of flavourless THC distillate and CBD Isolate, so its best to take one at a time, even though it’s oh so tempting to eat the whole tin.

Number of candies – 12

Strength – 5 mg of THC 5 mg CBD each. 60 mg of THC 60 mg of CBD per tin.

Dosage – Take acandy and wait 1 hour to assess if another is needed

***Please note – during the summer months, due to increased temperature, these gummy’s may melt together during shipping.  The product is fine, but getting an accurate dosage may be difficult***